Wave Swell Energy - Energy-Generating Artificial Blowhole
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Energy generating artificial blowhole developed by Wave Swell Energy completes a one year long test. The structure is a large concrete base that allows waves to enter through a hollow central chamber. As the water rises and falls within the chamber, the air pushes the turbines to generate electricity, thus turning the ocean into a source of renewable energy. 

The Wave Swell Energy team measured efficiency and availability through a one-year-long test off the coast of King Island, Australia. The percentage of time, out of the total availability, that UniWave200 could convert energy from waves to electricity was 42%. The company uses primary metrics i.e. efficiency and availability.

According to Paul Geason, CEO of Wave Swell Energy, UniWave200 achieved approximately 50% efficiency and 80% availability during the one year trial run.Wave Swell Energy - Energy-Generating Artificial Blowhole-1According to the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems, wind turbines generally operate at around 50% efficiency, and solar panels generally operate at around 15%-20% efficiency.

Two sources of renewable power, onshore wind turbines and solar panels, have a high availability rate. However, the exact method used to measure their availability is unclear and open for debate.

Geason says the company’s next steps are to make UniWave200’s technology more affordable and reliable with better stats.Wave Swell Energy - Energy-Generating Artificial Blowhole-2Countries like the Maldives, who are among the least responsible for climate change, face some of the harshest effects of it. A country like the Maldives might be able to reap multiple benefits from a device like the UniWave200.

UniWave200 is flexible and can adapt as needed. This will give protection to countries who build sea walls. The UniWave200 could help and make the sea wall a manmade reef that creates value rather than being a waste of money.

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