Why A Third of Developers Turn to Alternative Cloud Providers
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More and more developers are turning towards alternative cloud providers for their infrastructure needs. Recent studies suggest around 27% of developers now use alternative cloud providers like Linode, DigitalOcean, or OVHcloud.

According to SlashData’s21st Developer Nation survey, the use of alternative cloud providers has almost doubled in the past four years with cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) seeing a growth of 18 percent. 

51% of Developers prefer to opt for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP to serve as their primary service providers, while 78 % of them choose to go for more than one provider for their cloud services.

Blair Lyon, vice president of cloud experience at Linode said, “Developers and businesses are craving simpler, more affordable, and more reliable cloud services. We’re seeing tremendous growth of multi-cloud approaches as organizations look for the best provider fit to solve their specific challenges. This trend will only continue to gain momentum as multi-cloud becomes the prevailing cloud strategy for businesses.”

According to the findings of a report last year from 451 Research, large hyper-scale providers are not always ideal for all cloud use cases. While alternative cloud providers are bridging the gap for use cases that were earlier overlooked or underserviced, this includes small businesses and independent developers. 

Konstantinos Korakitis, director of research at SlashData said, “Since we began tracking this category over the past few years, developers have increasingly turned to alternative cloud providers for their infrastructure needs,” 

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