Why is Zuckerberg's metaverse a Bad Idea
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Recently Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, supporting Zuckerberg’s metaverse idea. The timing seems to be just right on the heels of the whistleblower exposure. Facebook Papers – thousands of pages leaked information to the Washington Post and many other news agencies. 

It has been one of the biggest leaks in history which were covered by large multiple newspapers and media outlets just goes to show how immense its magnitude was.

Why is Zuckerberg’s metaverse a Bad Idea?

There are a number of reasons why Zuckerberg’s metaverse is a Bad Idea.

Rebrand its Image
The decision to rebrand itself as Meta has been Facebook’s attempt to repair its brand image. Though not everyone is going to accept a simple name change as redress for the company’s vast ethical transgressions. There have been instances in the past where companies changed names after major scandals. Companies like ValueJet became AirTan, Andersen Consulting became Accenture, WorldCom became MCI, and many more. 

Do you really think changing its name to Meta would help and what is the entire metaverse thing going on? Metaverse is a new name for virtual reality where a company like Facebook develops a product like an Oculus headset and games. These will be branded under the Meta platform and not Facebook. 

To be honest the AR/VR world with today’s technology is a lot better than what it was a few years ago. But do you think it would be free of trolls and misinformation, can you imagine how the virtual world would function, being run by Zuckerberg and his gang of Silicon Valley snapperheads.

Would you want your children to get addicted to games like Minecraft, and add Meta’s ethics and business model and practices on top of it?  Do take some time out and think about it. 

Meta is not the only platform that will rule the VR and AR world
AR and VR technology can be a very powerful tool, especially when applied to specific vertical industries, such as aerospace, medical, military, and law enforcement. The technology can be used for situational awareness training and for use with robotics and drones. You can also vision yourself as an end-user of a consumer AR or VR product in specific use cases.

Though you need to understand Meta and Zuckerberg aim to migrate their user base of billions of users to something like Metaverse and get presumably tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people using it. This can turn out to backfire too as Meta is not the only player when it comes to AR/VR. 

Other companies such as Apple and Google – later changed their name to Alphabet also working on AR/VR. Both the tech giants have a huge ecosystem, also companies like Amazon and Microsoft are not far behind. 

Currently, Meta has introduced the Meta Rift and is priced under $500, don’t be surprised to see the company double down on VR-based hardware. Though would you really be keen on buying their hardware when you will have access to headsets from others like Apple, Google, Microsoft, or others that can access their Metaverse.

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