World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada
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World’s first largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to a small town in Canada. Louis Massicotte, a tech entrepreneur and geoLAGON developer said the 120,000 sq ft lagoon will be heated to 38ºC — for 12 months a year.

Massicotte states the tourism center draws a lot of inspiration from Iceland. One of the 25 wonders in the world is their Blue Lagoon. It is also in pursuit of becoming the first self-sufficient energy village on Earth.

The rich Texan plans to create a self-sufficient village which Elon Musk is trying to stop. He feels that geoLAGON rivals Elon Musk’s solar power ambitions. They could be built and ready to host people before he does.World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada_1The 600-home village will be made possible by the lagoon and its thermal reservoir, which will help bring about this amazing first.

The centre of each village is an ecosystem that includes a reservoir storing heat underneath the lagoon. The sub-reservoir is heated to 70ºC by solar, geothermal and biomass sources, without needing hydropower to produce

A lot of work is going into the project. Massicotte states that he won’t need to be connected to any electricity companies, as his building will have its power supply generated by the solar panels on its roof.

Massicotte has shared exclusive photos of the LAGOON, which includes views of the solar power village and restaurant.World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada_2Massicotte, former president of the Village Vacances Valcartier, Ice Hotel, and Calypso Park says that he was “pleased to see the reaction of Quebecers to our patented geoLAGON concept.”

The company is building their first geLAGON location in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François in Canada, about four hours away from Montreal. Canadian site possibilities include Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and three locations in Quebec.

Investors in Quebec vacation properties are choosing the Petite-Rivière Saint-Francois and investing in other projects around the province.World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada_3The founder says, “I try to be an actor of change by creating fully self-sufficient villages thanks to solar, geothermal, biomass, and our patent-pending thermal reservoir – which will be installed under the lagoon and will store hot water at 70ºC in order to heat the village chalets.”

Massicotte estimates that out of the village’s available chalets, 80% of them have already been bought by investors. He also says that he and his engineers confirmed the project to be 100% self-sufficient, while producing net-zero energy.

Cars will be under water. The founder wants parking to be sparse so the forest can stay preserved.World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada_4Massicotte’s goal is to sell 100% of short-term rental chalets to investors before construction — his company’s financing to get cash to build the lagoons. “We never ask for money from subsidies, it’s not necessary. I want to contribute to changing the tourism DNA of northern countries with my lagoons.”

The total cost for prefabricated houses is $325 million. Construction will begin in 2023.

Airbnb is promoting new solar-powered chalets. With this, the lagoon and its village will be connected to self-sufficient energy.

Unlike Elon Musk, we Canadians are busy building self-sufficient villages, and feats of architectural wonder. Sounds like some time to relax at lagoon spas could be the perfect stress relief for us.World's First Largest Geothermal Solar Lagoon coming to Canada_5Related Articles:
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