ZipCharge Showcases modular EV charging Hubs
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ZipCharge, a portable EV charging developer showcases modular EV charging hubs for charging electric vehicles. The company has named these modular charging and storage hubs as GoHub.

Though GoHub is not yet in production, ZipCharge expects the pre-orders to start rolling out by next year. While the outright purchase and a subscription model are already on the table. The company is also looking to add a rental option.

The company will offer GoHub in two variants i.e. either you can sandwich it into a regular car-parking space at a shopping mall, business park, or a paved area at the center of a community. The other option for EV drivers is to hire a single-sided unit that houses five Go power banks whenever required, similar to the Gogoro. ZipCharge Showcases modular EV charging Hubs-1You can book the rental for 24 hrs a day and reserve ahead of time via a mobile app. The bay door opens when you approach so that the Go power bank gets disconnected from its charging dock and maneuver where the electric car is parked to plug in and top up.

Once the battery runs out the EV driver will get a notification via the app and you can unplug and return it to the hub for recharging before it is available for another customer. ZipCharge Showcases modular EV charging Hubs-2ZipCharge will charge a dollar for each 4-kWh top-up without any additional connection charges. One single GoHub will not be enough to power your EV battery, though the company says it could add up to 20 miles (32 km) of range. Something that will be able to get the drivers back home. 

According to Richie Sibal, company co-founder, “The Go and the GoHub are integral components of our future energy platform, one that combines hardware, software, and distributed energy storage in the home and our public energy points to provide a wide range of energy services for our customers. We will use technology to solve the inequality that exists around access to charging and energy by placing a ZipCharge Go unit within five minutes walk of where people live and park.”

ZipCharge has the vision to deploy 100,000 GoHubs around the world by 2030. An innovative solution to meet the needs of various EV users.

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