Have You installed Windows 11 - but Microsoft is Preparing for Windows 12
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Have you installed Windows 11, but looks like Microsoft is preparing for Windows 12. According to a tweet from SwiftOnSecurity Microsoft has already started working on Windows 12.

Windows 11 has been rolled out for users but looks like Microsoft is not content with it. Security expert and Microsoft MVP said Windows 12 is already in the pipeline. 

In the tweet, he said, “According to a source at Microsoft, Windows 12 is already under development and it’s going to require two TPMs”

Is this for real or an April Fools day prank with April 1 just a few days away? Maybe SwiftOnSecurity is trying to toy with the Twitterati. Though his tweet was followed up by another that mentioned the original tweet was just a joke and had been deleted.

The nature of this news seems to be unreliable, especially the way it was published and later pulled back, though Deskmodder.de seems to be standing by a story that presents the development of Windows 12 as fact.

Don’t be surprised if Microsoft indeed is working on Windows 12, or whatever they decide to name it. It is definitely too early to leak any such news though we need to proceed with caution and wait for more official news on it. 

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