KB5008353 Update for Windows 11 May Improve Performance and Fix Drive Problems
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Microsoft released the KB5008353 update for Windows 11, it may improve performance and fix drive problems. The update is currently available as a preview and can prove to be helpful for many users with issues related to their operating system including problems with Bluetooth audio and the taskbar.

Microsoft in a report mentioned the KB5008353 update will help boost the performance of Windows 11 and apparently fix an ongoing issue with various types of hard drives.

Microsoft has been trying to resolve the issues related to the drives since December. Earlier an update was released which was supposed to fix a slow performance problem that had been blighting some SSDs and HDDs since mid-2021. User reactions to this update were mixed and they continued to complain that drive performance had been halved.

According to Microsoft release notes for KB5008353, a performance regression issue was fixed that occurred when you enable the update sequence number (USN) journal. It is the same issue that was addressed by the company earlier in a December update, though the feedback from users this time around is much better. 

WindowsLatest mentioned Windows 11 users saying that the KB5008353 update has noticeably sped up their hard drives. The KB5008353 Update for Windows 11 remains an optional preview, you can get your hands on it from Windows update, or download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

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