Latest Windows 11 Update Brings Android apps Taskbar Improvements and more
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The latest Windows 11 update brings Android apps, Taskbar improvements, and more that will polish the operating system and additional general functionality. 

Microsoft released its latest update yesterday and offers a new experience for Windows 11. This includes many features such as Amazon Appstore preview, Taskbar improvements, and redesigned versions of Media Player and Notepad.

Users in the US only can enjoy the Amazon Appstore preview feature. It enables users to access over 1000 Android apps and games via the Microsoft Store.

To enjoy the preview you can open and update the Microsoft Store 

  • Click Get updates in Microsoft Store > Library
  • Search for a mobile app or game. 
  • Download this through the Amazon Appstore.

The taskbar in Windows 11 is not yet as customizable as it is in Windows 10. The latest update brings a new functionality where you can mute/unmute and share any window from the taskbar, as well as view weather in the bottom left corner.

While on the second monitor you can enjoy the clock, news for users with dual and multi-screen setups, and Media Player and Notepad have both been massively redesigned. This is just the start for Windows 11 users. 

According to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s  Chief Product Office Windows and Devices, “Windows 11 is designed to bring you closer to what you love, and these new experiences continue to make it easier for you to work, play, create and connect, no matter where you are or how many screens you have. As today’s release shows, we’re committed to delivering experiences into Windows 11 that enrich and inspire people’s lives. Over time, you’ll see us release new features into Windows 11 for end users more frequently in addition to our annual update. We will leverage the variety of update mechanisms we have in place including servicing and Microsoft Store updates. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation, providing you with the best experiences year-round.”

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