Microsoft Accidentally Leaks New Windows 11 Media Player
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Microsoft accidentally leaks new Windows 11 Media Player, at the official Window Insider Webcast.

Microsoft has been providing information about various apps since the testing of the new and refreshed catalog of Windows 11. Windows Insider has always been the first to receive some of these apps. With the latest revelation, we now have some insight into the new Windows 11 Media Player.

The latest Windows 11 Media Player will replace the existing apps for media and music. The leaked teaser suggests the app will feature a refreshed UI and many more features. We also expect to see a possible integration of the Focus Sessions feature.New Windows 11 Media PlayerAll New Windows 11 Media Player app

Microsoft accidentally revealed a screenshot of an unseen “Media Player” titled app at the event. This was sufficient enough to create hype on Reddit, many users posted the same in action on the Insider Webcast stream.

It is possible Microsoft had plans to showcase the same feed-in of the upcoming announcements of the stable public release of Windows 11. Looks like the announcement will not be as exciting as it looks like Microsoft’s secret is out in the open, following the accident on the Windows Insider Webcast.

The leak certainly does not give you a clear picture, as it reveals a video playing with a seek bar, it stretches along with the screen, playback controls, and other usual stuff. Nothing too innovative, but it looks like the Groove music player and the Movies & TV app will be ditched in the new Windows Media Player app. The new music app will be a combination of older apps.

Microsoft also revealed other new Windows 11 apps such as the new Snipping Tool and Paint apps. To be honest don’t this news mislead you as it is almost certainly a bigger announcement is in line for the new Windows Media Player. We are not sure but it looks like the app may also get a new name. Stay tuned with us to know more about it as the release date for Windows 11 on October 2 nears.

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