Microsoft Edge topples Firefox
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There was a time when Edge browser had popularity issues, not many users were able to relate with the browser. Things have started to take a turn especially after the Edge browser shifted to a Chromium-based version. It has now toppled Mozilla Firefox to the second spot as the most popular desktop browser.

Edge browser has maintained its winning streak, this reflects in NetMarketShare’s 2020 report. It shows a 7.59% increase in Edge browsers market share, managing to overtake Firefox figures in March last year.

According to another report published by StatCounter Edge’s user base continues to grow, while Firefox’s user base is shrinking.

There has been an increase from 7.81% to 8.03% this year as far as Microsoft’s browser is concerned. But this does not suggest Firefox users are leaving for Edge browser. StatCounter’s report suggests Edge has witnessed an all-time high in terms of market popularity, while Mozilla Firefox has seen a decline of around 0.15% compared to last year.

Safari browser is in the second position in terms of users gained with 10.11% share. The numbers are declining since December and it is most likely Edge will soon be able to beat it.

Many users are still hanging around with Internet Explorer and it has a share of around 1.7% and is gradually decreasing.StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-202003-202103
Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

The information shared above is only for desktop users. The picture looks a bit different when we talk about all platforms such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Safari browser used with iPhone and iPads stands at second spot with a 19.03% share. Firefox surges ahead of Edge browser with a small margin of 0.23%.

Edge is constantly working on improving the user experience, earlier a couple of weeks ago it released the long-trialed vertical tabs feature to Mac for the first time. It enables users to have a good browsing experience in spite of opening too many tabs on your MacBook.