Microsoft is helping India
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Microsoft is helping India during the Covid 19 as the pandemic impacts the nation. Over the years Microsoft has joined hands with many non-profit partners and government organizations to assist with relief efforts.

How Microsoft is helping India during Covid 19?

Microsoft in a blog post outlines some of the key ways that Microsoft is helping out. A Global Task Force on Pandemic Response is formed with the efforts of Microsoft and several other companies to help the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. This partnership will provide medical supplies, oxygen, and other assistance.

India will be the first country to be supported under this partnership, it will be further extended to other countries in the future. Brad Smith, Microsoft President is on the Steering Committee for the group.

With the efforts of this collaboration around 1000 ventilators have been purchased and given to hospitals across India. Microsoft will work with the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum as a part of the task force to provide health care facilities in India with 25000 concentration devices.

Every commercial and government organization in India will have free access to Microsoft Teams. This will help in responding to the changing conditions of the pandemic. Microsoft Disaster Response Team is also activated by Microsoft to provide technical support to fight the outbreak in India.

Over the last year, Microsoft Philanthropies has also worked with India’s first responder non-profits and government organizations to provide humanitarian aid, protective equipment, a mobile testing bus, and research support.

The Microsoft employee giving program has raised around $3 million, this includes contributions from Microsoft’s as well, for organizations and non-profits working to help people in India.