Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo
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Microsoft has come up with the latest Microsoft Surface Duo 2 after a rather dismal performance by Surface Duo launched two years ago.

It is not true that the device failed to attract buyers completely, though the device did come with glitchy software and some bewildering categorization of the product by Microsoft. Panos Panay refused to call it a phone, even though it ran on Android and made phone calls. He strongly believed it to be a pocket device running multiple apps, where people would go into a trance while working with its dual-screen.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is an updated version of the handset. With trillions of dollars, we guess Microsoft can surely afford to try out things even after failures. The latest Surface device will start shipping in October and will cost $1499. This time Microsoft has accepted the device as being a phone and comes with incredible battery backup and also supports 5G.Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo-1The Surface Duo 2 dares to be different from the previous version of the device. It comes with a rear camera module which was missing in the first Surface Duo. The rear cameras on the Surface Duo 2 come with three cameras, with a wide-angle camera, an ultrawide, and a telephoto. The improved front-facing camera is able to snap photos with one screen as a viewfinder and the other as a display for the photo you just shot. You can also edit the photo on the fly, using the screen as your palette, while the other turns into a giant panel. It allows you to adjust brightness, exposure, and contrast. You can access 15 more photo edition options as you swipe through all on the same page.Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo-2The Surface Duo 2 will be shipped out with Android 11 and with some key Microsoft Office apps optimized for the split screens. The device would be more fun to use for casual gaming, as one touchscreen displays the game and the other can become a controller.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 5G chip platform and comes with a 5G modem. The corners are slightly rounded and the glass backs of the twin displays feel cool and sleek. It gives the device a feel of an iPad Mini, though an iPad Mini does not fold and run on Android.Microsoft Surface Duo 02 A Lovable Weirdo-3Microsoft has also given thought to the notifications with the Duo 2 is folded. The device comes with hinges on the top and bottom and curved edges of the inner display that peek through into a notification bar. The phone lights up when a phone call comes in or receives a text message notification and it also shows the time here. While Samsung has a small display on the front cover of its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Microsoft Surface on the other hand has built a light-up notification system on the spine of its device.Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo-4Microsoft has always been coming up with innovative products be it accessories, ergonomic keyboards, pebble-smooth mouse controllers. After a shaky start, the Surface turned out to be the winner bringing in billions of dollars for Microsoft.Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo_5Let’s hope the Surface Duo 2 manages to raise some eyebrows and it reflects with its sales figures. Only time will tell until then we can now start calling it a phone.Microsoft Surface Duo 2 A Lovable Weirdo-6

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