Microsoft Surface Event On September 22
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Microsoft Surface Event will be live streamed online at 11 AM Eastern Time on September 22nd. We bring you every you want to know about the event and will feature the latest lineup of well-known devices in the Surface lineup.

The invitation to the virtual event mentioned Microsoft will talk about “Devices and Windows 11.” The event will feature mostly the Surface lineup showcasing Microsoft’s latest Windows 11.

Microsoft Surface Event may just be the right place to announce its latest devices in the Surface lineup.

Microsoft Surface Event & Windows 11

The Microsoft Surface Event is expected to be hosted by none other than the father of the Surface lineup, Panos Panay.

Earlier this month leaks revealed Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2, we can expect Microsoft to launch the device at this year’s Microsoft hardware event on September 22.

Microsoft, learning from the failure of its earlier Surface Duo, has come up with an improved Surface Duo 2. The Surface Duo 2 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC, 5G Support.

Earlier leaks also suggest the device will house a triple camera setup. Let’s hope it will offer a far greater experience than its predecessor.

The invite to the Microsoft Surface Event also featured an image of a slim Surface tablet. With the tech giant hosting the event just 2 weeks before the official release of Windows 11 October, make the timing perfect. A perfect occasion for the company to showcase its latest software along with new shiny hardware. Rumors suggest the Surface Book 4 will definitely feature Windows 11.

You can also expect to see the Microsoft Surface Pro laptop upgraded. Earlier leaks suggest the Surface Pro8 will feature a 120Hz Display with two thunderbolt ports. It may be perhaps the biggest overhaul to the Surface Pro lineup in a long time.

The other devices that need a facelift are Surface Duo 2, Surface Book 4, and the Surface Pro 8. The event will showcase the launch of all these devices running on Windows 11. The new Surface tablets will take full advantage of Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 features. All the new tablet features that come along with Windows 11 will be portrayed at the event.

It is most likely the tech giant will facelift the other Surface devices such as the Surface Pro X, Surface Go 3. This may not include the Surface Neo. The entire Microsoft Surface Event will be packed with new launches.

Stay tuned with us to get the latest news updates from the Microsoft Surface Event on September 22.

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