Microsoft Teams Background Noise Suppression feature
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Microsoft Teams Background Noise Suppression feature which was rolled out for Windows in November 2020, will soon be available for macOS users.

The AI-based real-time noise-canceling feature will automatically remove noise in the background while you conduct your meetings.

You will be able to adjust the noise suppression levels prior to a meeting, these settings are carried forward to the next call. The four settings available are Auto (default), Low, High, and Off.

The low setting will help eliminate noises such as air conditioners, computer fans, or music. The new High setting will suppress the background sound which is not part of the speech. This requires more computer resources and is not available for Apple’s M1-powered Macs. While the Off setting disables the noise suppression feature.

While in Auto Mode, the Team app sets noise suppression based on ambient sound.
To access these settings from your Profile image> Settings prior to a meeting and from More options … > Device settings during a meeting.noise cancellation on mac

This feature will now be available for all macOS users and the rollout will complete by late August.