Microsoft's latest YouTube Channel teaches you How to Get the Most out of Teams?
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Microsoft has launched a YouTube Channel dedicated to Teams. The channel will help users to get the most out of Team, the communication platform. The channel will be helpful for the millions of people using Microsoft Teams features and it includes how-to videos, tips, and tricks for a range of Teams features.

Microsoft Teams launched the channel on January 18, 2021, and has around 14 videos right now. These include a general introduction to the communication app, several how-to videos for features such as replying to messages, using the Walkie Talkie feature, and using Standout Presenter Mode.

The videos on the channel include information about Team’s features on both desktop and mobile devices. Microsoft Teams is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, the web, and Linux.

Microsoft has a number of other YouTube channels, though this one shares instructions specifically on how to use Teams. The new channel will be helpful for users to find relevant videos, though the list of videos may grow over a period making the process a bit more time-consuming. 

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