NVIDIA Releases Fixes for Poor Gaming Performance in Windows 11 2022 Update
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NVIDIA releases fixes for poor gaming performance in Windows 11 2022 Update. Gamers have been complaining about poor game performance with NVIDIA GPUs after installing the update.

After investigating the issues related to poor game performance NVIDIA has reacted quickly. They have come up with a solution and the fix involves the installation of a beta app.

According to a blog post in NVIDIA support pages acknowledged the gaming issues saying “Some users may observe lower performance in games or applications after updating to Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update”.

According to the GPU manufacturer the issue is a start, but gamers are looking for solutions. They can now install the NVIDIA GeForce Experience v3.26 BETA to get around the issue.

How to update the NVIDIA patch fix?

  1. You can manually download the NVIDIA GeForce Experience v3.26 installer from here.  Once downloaded, proceed with the installation. 
  2. Go to the GeForce Experience app
  3. Open “Settings” in GeForce Experience
  4. Select “Enable Experimental Features”.  
  5. Close GeForce Experience.  
  6. Wait 30 seconds and then re-open GeForce Experience.  
  7. The app will automatically update to the latest version.  

If you are not comfortable installing a beta version of a driver, NVIDIA will be releasing the non-beta version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.26 soon with a new GeForce Game Ready Driver later this week.

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