important shortcut keys
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It is not always convenient and practical to use your mouse in combination with your keyboard while using a computer. We bring you some important shortcut keys which will make working with Windows convenient and practical for you.

We will cover some of the important and practical shortcuts in this article. These shortcuts will help you work efficiently on the computer as they are simply something you cannot avoid.

Important Shortcut Keys

These important shortcut keys have to be used in combination and need not be pressed at the same time. For example a key combination CTRL + C you need to hold down CTRL and then press the C key.

Many users make the mistake of pressing both keys at the same time. This results in the computer failing to recognize the combination.

Important Shortcut Keys for Marking, copying, and pasting

You can use the following combinations for marking, copying, cutting, and pasting text.

  • CTRL + A: Select all
  • CTRL + X: cut
  • CTRL + C: Copy
  • CTRL + V: Paste

CTRL + A allows you to mark the entire content of a text document or a website as well as files.

CTRL + X or CTRL + C allows you to cut or copy the marked content

CTRL + V you can paste the selected content. The difference between copying and cutting is what happens to the “original”. While in the case of copying the selected content remains intact whereas when you choose to cut the original is deleted and restored to the new position when you choose to paste.

Important Shortcut Keys for Correcting errors

Key combinations such as CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y can come in handy for correcting errors.
CTRL + Z can help you correct when something goes wrong or something is deleted by mistake, the key combination will undo the last step in most programs. While if you have3 gone one step too far, you can choose to undo this with CTRL + Y.

Important Shortcut Keys for Help

The most common help key is the F5 key when you press it in the browser it updates and reloads the current website. If you are a multitasker the Alt + Tab key will help you move between various open windows easily and quickly. You’re your ideal companion if you are working on a laptop or a single screen.