Top Windows 10 Tricks
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you are looking to boost your productivity, follow these top Windows 10 tricks without wasting time. No more wasting time scrolling or struggling with your mouse if you have a shortcut available.

Certainly, there is an easy way to work with Windows10 and if you have been unaware let us help you. Top Windows 10 tricks we have mentioned below will make your life just a little bit easier.

1. How to scroll quickly

Using a mouse scroll wheel is not always handy while scrolling. The other way would be for you to drag the bar at the sides of our screen. You can also choose to quickly navigate through the pages using your keyboard.

To achieve this you need to press the spacebar while your browser is open. You will scroll down super easily. In case you want to scroll up Shift + SpaceBar you go up.

It works with most modern browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, and others on Windows 10 and Mac. In case it does not work try to click on the background of the content page you are on and it should work.

2. Secret Start Menu

All of us have seen the normal Start Menu, now is the time to know about the Secret Start Menu. Normally when you click the Windows icon on your keyboard, you view a layout of most most-used programs, as well as power options and shortcuts to your computer settings.

To access Secret Start Menu, press the Windows icon with the letter X. You view an advanced menu with Device Manager, Task Manager, and Disk Management options.

It comes in handy when you need to diagnose your computer when it runs slow.

3. Disk Cleanup tool

Temporary files are created when we use various applications for photo sharing, writing or video editing. These can consume a lot of unwanted space, or a number of unwanted files we ended up stored in a folder. To clear this unwanted clutter of files we can use a Disk Clean up tool.

Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom and type Disk Cleanup where it says “Type here to search.” Click on the Disk Cleanup app, it will help you clear all unwanted files on your system.

4. Zoom in or out

The Zoom in or out feature in Windows avoids you from straining your eye while trying to read tiny text. No need to squint. Simply press Ctrl + to zoom in on a page.
In case you zoom in too much or want to make the text smaller you can press Ctrl – to zoom out.

5. Screenshot

The screenshot feature allows us to capture the current view on your screen. It can be a work of digital art or maybe an error message or an application error you wish to share with the experts. In short, it allows you to save the entire screen easily.

If you want to capture part of your screen, hit the Windows key, Shift, and then S to open Snip & Sketch. This will save the image on your clipboard.