Windows 11 Gets Its First Major Update - Expectations
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Windows 11 gets its first major update giving users from more than 190 the opportunity to download the same. According to Microsoft the latest update brings a large number of changes since Windows 11 was made available to the public in 2021. With the latest Windows 11 update the software giant is trying to focus on specific categories, of which there are four “key areas.”

Microsoft is modifying Windows 11 for both end users and IT managers to make it easier and more secure. There are lots of new features arriving with the major Windows 11 2022 update, including File Explorer tabs.

Productivity and Gaming Enhancements
The upgrades are intended to help improve productivity. New features include improvements to existing systems and new layouts for the desktop. For example, with Edge, you can Snap more than one browser tab and on tablets, touchscreens will be more effective.

With the latest updates to the Microsoft Store “experience,” video and audio effects have been optimised for video conferences. The experience is powered by AI, so there is Automatic Framing, Background Blur, Voice Focus and Eye Contact. As anticipated, Clipchamp video editor is now an inbox app on Windows 11.

Windows 11 2022 brings a lot of interesting features for video games. For example, VRR and Auto HDR support. With windows 11, you’ll get better latency, performance, and more.

Android apps on Windows Getting Closer
A recently announced partnership with Amazon will result in 20,000 more Android apps available to Windows. Microsoft is releasing the Amazon Appstore Preview on Windows 11 to people outside of the United States. They note that those who have access to the preview will have access to around 20,000 apps, though this choice is a little less exciting than Google Play.

Microsoft has decided to expand the Amazon Appstore Preview on Windows 11 to users who are outside of the United States. Though the Appstore isn’t quite as exciting as Google Play, Microsoft does note that users who have access to the preview will likewise have access to around 20,000 Android apps.

The Windows 11 2022 update will also introduce new features to the File Explorer such as tabs that allow for a more personalised view of what’s on your computer. Microsoft’s file manager has a new interface that makes it easier for users to find their frequently used files. Files can be pinned for easy access, recent files are also shown, and users can see which of their shared documents have been accessed by others. Additionally users can view activity on shared files, assuming they were shared using OneDrive.

The Photos app has been improved with a new management experience, nearby sharing with support for a greater range of devices, copying items will now result in suggested actions, Widgets has better coverage on local events, and live captions are on the horizon.

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