Windows 11- Why Should you Clean Up After Installing the New Windows Update
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After installing the latest Windows 11 22H2 update it is important you clean up as it causes the Operating system to temporarily archive the old version of Windows. The clean-up will ensure it permanently deletes associated files and free up dozens of gigabytes.

This archive comes in handy when you upgrade your PC, since it is stored temporarily you can quickly roll back just in case something goes wrong. 

The archive directory is named Windows. old and is located at the root of the system disk (C:\). These archives or old versions of Windows were previously installed on your computer for a limited time. It not only contains the OS but also installed applications including the personal files and documents for each user of the machine.

This comes in handy when you require to roll back, though it takes up a lot of space. Microsoft has also reduced the retention period from 28 days to ten days under Windows 10 and Windows 11. While the space occupied in tens of gigabytes of storage may be a problem for some.

If you have a new and large hard drive, this problem will not exist. However, if you have an old machine with an SSD, the potential for slow performance will arise as your space is quickly filled.

If you have no intention of going back to Windows 10, you can easily delete the Windows. old directory after you’ve completed the installation of Windows 11. Still, it’s best to use Windows 11’s built-in system cleaning tool before deleting the directory.

How to Clean Up After Installing the New Windows Update?

  • Go to Setting> System> Storage
  • Go to the Cleaning recommendations menu 
  • This allows you four categories to clean i.e. Temporary Files, Large or Unused Files, Files Synced to the Cloud, and Unused Applications.
  • Click on the Show advanced repair options menu
  • Click on the Delete Files button, displayed at the top of the window, then confirm by clicking on the Continue button in the pop-up that appears. Wait several minutes for the cleaning process to complete.

Windows 11 can clean your hard drive to generate up to 25 GB of additional storage space.

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